CRD610 Converter Sheeter

The CRD610 Converter Sheeter unwinds fibrous sheet with .125-.270 inch high ribs glued at even spacing along the width of the substrate. The machine counts the preset number of ribs and cuts the material to the desired length automatically. It contains an unwind station, counting/drive station, and sheeting section working as a continuous process.

The unwind station consist of a single 3” cantilevered, air expanding, unwind leaf shaft. Rotation speed and tension are manually regulated with disc brake.

The CRD610 Converter Sheeter counting/drive station has a dual belt drive pulls the substrate off the unwind and compresses the material over a base plate where sensors count the number of ribs as they pass through the machine. Both belts will be driven by a servo motor gearbox combination. The servo motor encoder will be used to count the desired length and confirm the sensor count to be correct before cutting the material to the desired length. This redundant measure will also be used to confirm the material is not cut at a rib location.

The sheeter station substrate will be pushed through a linear shear knife set to the desired length by the drive station. The knife set will be electro / pneumatically actuated to cut the material.

The CRD610 Converter Sheeter will provide space for a portable bin located to catch all cut substrate.

  • Accommodates a maximum material of 0.020″ thick
  • Accommodates a maximum unwind roll width 24″
  • Accommodates a maximum unwind diameter 24″
  • Air expanding 3″ unwind shaft
  • Counting/drive station (counts number of ribs)
  • Sheeting station with a linear shear knife
  • Detachable catch bin
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