Woodworking Machinery

For more than 60 years, Voorwood has designed and manufactured innovative, high-quality, precision-made woodworking machinery which includes tenoners, shape and sand machines, miter machines, foilers, profile wrappers, and laminators. Voorwood woodworking machinery can be used for the manufacture of kitchen cabinets and furniture, and in specialty wood industries. Voorwood engineering customizes the woodworking machinery to meet your process requirements. We provide training, parts, technical support, and service after installation.

Woodworking Machinery ● Double End Tenoners ● Single End Tenoners ● Shape Sand Machines ● Stile & Rail Shaper ● Double Side Cope Shaper ● Cope Shaper ● Total Door System ● Miter Lock Shaper ● Miter Machines ● Double End Foilers ● Single End Foilers ● Surface Foilers ● Contour Foiler ● Plough (Bluff) Cut Foiler ● End Finisher ● Hot Melt Profile Wrappers ● PVC Profile Wrappers ● Size and Square ● Laminators ● Return Conveyors