Dry-Transfer Foil Wheels

Dry-Transfer Foil Wheels, silicone rollers, and applicator wheels for use on foiling machinery to apply hot-stamp foils. They are used for transferring hot-stamp foils on wood or plastic plaques or picture frame mouldings.

  • Hot-stamp Foils: Apply to a wide variety of substrates.

    Foil wheels can be precision ground to match one of our stock profiles, matched to your profile, or provided as blanks, ready to profile-grind to match your own parts.

    Foil Wheels & Rollers


    • Rollers for flat-laminators like our L85, L86, and L80 Machines
    • Cartridges for foil-wrappers like our L4, L8 and HML machines
    • Foil Applicator Wheels for bluff-cuts like our Model P78
    • Foil Applicator Wheels for Contour Foilers like our Model L73
    • Foil Applicator Wheels for Edge-profile foilers similar to our L115, L117, or L217 machines