Miter Machines

Voorwood miter machinery’s primary application is in making perfect miter joints for cabinet door frames. Voorwood’s is the only miter machine that takes care of dust collection. It can be converted to handle mortise and tenon face frames.

  • Miter Machines: Designed to rapidly create mortise and tenon cuts at 0, 45 and 90 degrees for face frames and standard miter doors.


    M15 miter machine


    The M15 Miter Machine’s primary application for this machine is for miter cabinet door frames. Parts can be quickly transferred from left to right. They are mortised on the left side of the machine and tenoned on the right. The machine can also mill the slots.

    • Only miter machine to address dust collection
    • Locates on inside or outside edges addressing variance in part width
    • Locates parts face down addressing material thickness variance
    • Converts to mortise and tenon face frames
    • Accommodates a maximum part size any length x 5″ wide x 1.50″ thick
    • Up to 420 complete frames per shift
    • Manual sizing feature (option)