For over 50 years, Voorwood has designed and manufactured innovative, high quality, precision made web converting machinery which includes slitter rewinders, high speed winders, converter sheeters and converting laminators.  Voorwood converting machinery can be used for the following applications in converting paper & paper board, foil, tape, plastic film, labels & pressure sensitive laminates, flexible packaging, non-woven, rubber, and specialty materials. Voorwood engineering customizes the converting machinery to meet your process requirements. We provide training, parts, technical support and service after installation. Upgrading to a differential rewind system will compensate for gauge variation across the web allowing rewinding of non-uniform web materials.

Duplex Center Slitter Rewinders ● Simplex Center Winders ● Turret Winders ● Converter Sheeters ● Converter Perforator Folders ● Converter Laminators ● Core Cutters ● Surface Foiler ● Scissor Lifts ● Unload Fork Assembly ● Motorized Reel Stand

OPTIONS: Laser Core Positioning (Automated or Manual), Full Lay-on Rollers, Individual Lay-on Rollers,  Bow Rollers, Chevron Rollers, Cleaning Rollers, Static Rollers, Core Locking Differential Rewind, Standard Differential Rewind with Spacers, Leaf Rewind, Automatic Web Tension Control, Rotary Shear – Score – Razor Slitting, Automatic Roll Offload Pusher, Unload Fork Assembly (Automated or Manual), Cantilever Rewind Shafts, Lift Out Rewind Shafts, Hydraulic Lift Loader Unwind, Shaft-less Rear Unwind, Shaft-less Front Unwind, Splice Table Assembly, Automatic Servo Knife Positioning, Digital Readout Anvil Positioning, Static Control Bar, Selvage Eductor (Vacuum Trim System), Trim Oscillating Rewind, Safety Fences or Programmable Laser Scanners, Corona Treatment Unit, Perforator Unit