Turbosand Heads – These are the “Carriers” of the Turbosand Strip. Styles are available for outside edges, raised panels, and profiles of up to 2½” width.

Inserts and Caps – Moulded PVC inserts that do the sanding. Over 4,000 standard patterns are available in grits from 80 to 220. We also make customized profile designs to meet customers’ requirements.

Split Collets – Two tapered collets mounted on spindle to ensure that Turbosand and insert shapers are centered perfectly. Collets adapt sanding heads and insert shapers to spindles from ¾” to 1½” diameter, Standard or Metric.

Templates – These are integral parts of the system. The template matches the sanding insert and shaper knife to provide the user with a quick way of verifying the profile match between the shaper and the sander.

  • Precision Sanding: Turbosand eliminates hand sanding and improves your sanding quality and productivity with hardwoods and MDF. These systems from the Woodworking Industry Leader are at the lowest cost per foot among rotary sanding systems. Over 4000 stock profiles are available. Wide range of head diameters and widths to accommodate different machines and edge details. Can be used with Shapers/Sanders, CNC Routers, Single and Double-End Tenoners, and other machinery.

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    Turbosand Strips are used in Voorwood’s sanding heads for finishing edge profiles.

    • Designed for Edge Profile Sanding
    • Accommodates tilting of the sander spindle
    • Produces the best sanding quality at the best angle
    • Simple two-piece sanding head
    • Sanding strips changed quickly/easily
    • Replacement sanding strips shipped within 5 days after your order
  • Turbosand Caps


    Turbosand Caps are used in Voorwood’s edge-profile and raised panel profile sanding heads.

    • Designed for edge and raised panel profiles at zero tilt angles
    • Simple two-piece sanding heads
    • Accommodates complex and detailed profiles
  • Voorwood CNC Router Spindle Head 4


    Turbosand CNC Router used in sanding with Strips or Caps used in Voorwood’s edge-profile and raised panel profile sanding heads.

    • Finishing all profiles on a variety of wood and manufactured substrates
    • Variety of diameters (3″ to 8″) and widths (1/2″ to 3″)
    • Supports HSK or ISO toolholders to match specific machine spindles
    • Customized adapters available
  • Turbosand Rosette Heads


    Used in CNC routers to finish small grooves, slots and decorative features.

    Turbosand Rosette Heads are used to finish small grooves, slots, and decorative features.

    • Small Diameter Sanding Head (30mm to 85mm)
    • Finishing Contoured Grooves and Decorative features on substrate face
    • Allows Sanding in small areas and complex shapes
    • Reduces finishing costs by eliminating extra handling and secondary processes
  • TurboFlex Pro Rotary Flap Sander


    Rotary head with brush-backed abrasive is shaped to match your specific contour.

    TurboFlex Pro is a brush-backed abrasive rotary flap sander with the brush and the abrasive profiled to match your profile.

    • Rotary Flap-sanding Head allows easier set-up & alignment
    • Pre-profiled Abrasive Flaps & Brushes (specific profile) allow for uniform sanding in complex profiles w/o rounding edges/corners
    • Uniform finish (not overly aggressive on high-spots or light on low spots)
    • Forgiving of Profiling & Alignment issues
    • Six different sanding grits and 3 different levels of brush stiffness available