Turbosand Caps

Turbosand Caps are used in Voorwood’s edge-profile and raised panel profile sanding heads.

Flare-Head Edge-Sanding Heads

(The FAA/FBB/FCC Edge-Profile Sanders)

  • Designed for sanding deeper edge profiles at zero tilt angles
  • Match deep reveals on doors
  • Precise profile matching
  • Simple two-piece sanding heads
  • Sanding heads can be configured to fit any required spindle size (English or Metric bores). Common bores include 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 30mm, 35mm, and 40mm. The standard 1-1/4” bore can be adapted to multiple spindles using custom collets.
  • Precision-Turbosand Caps won’t distort shapes or round-off sharp edges
  • One-piece insert (not segmented. Do not need bands, rings, or other complicated retention devices)
  • The same profile can be used with more than one head
  • Foam backing inserts (permit more aggressive setup and provide additional support for the cap)
  • A range of abrasive grits (80 to 320 grit)
  • Accommodate complex and detailed profiles
  • Available in diameters including 5”, 6”, 7” and 8” (8” profiles require Flexline plastic at an additional charge)

Raised-Panel Sanding Heads

(TS5-RP/TS6-RP/TS7-RP/TS8-RP Turbosand Heads and Caps)

  • Minimize heat and dust built-up
  • 5”, 6”, 7” and 8” diameters
  • Complex or tall profiles can be sanded with specially designed heads
  • Multi-pocket design for getting into tight corners (minimum sandable radius is approximately .040”)
Product Information

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