Turbosand Strips are used in Voorwood’s sand heads for finishing edge profiles, raised panels, and flare-head edge profiles.

Edge-Profile Sanding Heads

(The AA/BB/CC Turbosand Heads and Strips)

  • Precise profile matching
  • Used to finish door-pulls, straight edges, bullnoses, corner rounds, and other more complicated contours
  • Universal Head can sand many different profiles (sanding inserts with the same marking are interchangeable with the same head)
  • Precision—Turbosand does not distort shapes or round-off sharp edges (miters remain crisp and clean)
  • No wrapping and stretching of the abrasive in trying to force a good match to the contours
  • One-piece insert (not in segments that require glues or complicated retention devices)
  • The same profile can be used with more than one head
  • The same die can produce inserts for 3”-, 5”- and 6”-diameter rotary sanding heads
  • Sanding heads can be configured to fit any required spindle size (English or Metric bores)
  • Configurable for Stackable Tooling setups
  • Foam backing inserts (permit more aggressive setup and provide additional support for the insert)
  • Split-collet mounting (to reduce runout)
  • Multiple abrasive grits (80 to 220 grit)
  • Trizac® brand abrasive for sanding/polishing solid-surface materials

Raised-Panel Sanding Heads

(TS5-RP/TS6-RP/TS8-RP Turbosand Heads and Strips)

  • Minimize heat and dust built-up
  • 5”, 6” and 8” diameters

Flare-Head Edge-Sanding Heads

(The FAA/FBB/FCC Edge-Profile Sanders)

  • They sand deeper details
  • match deep reveals on doors
  • permit profiles to be sanded without tilting the spindle
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