Foil Wheels & Rollers

Silicone rollers and applicator wheels for use on our foiling, laminating and wrapping machinery.

Hot-stamp Foils: Apply to a wide variety of substrates including solid wood, MDF, plywood, and solid surfaces. Available in a wide range of patterns included wood grain, sold color or clear. Also available in a range of finishes including matte and semi-gloss.

Dry Transfer Wheels: Foil wheels can be precision ground to match one of our stock profiles, matched to your profile, or provided as blanks, ready to profile-grind to match your own parts. Grinding is performed on a custom, state-of-the-art machine using a reverse image profile knife for enhanced accuracy. Wheels can be ‘dressed’ multiple times before requiring replacement.

Cartridges: Customizable to fit a wide range of substrate cross sections


  • Rollers for flat-laminators like our L85, L86, and L80 Machines
  • Cartridges for foil-wrappers like our L4, L8 and HML machines
  • Foil Applicator Wheels for bluff-cuts like our Model P78
  • Foil Applicator Wheels for Contour Foilers like our Model L73
  • Foil Applicator Wheels for Edge-profile foilers similar to those on our L115, L117, or L217 machines

Available pre-shaped to match a large selection of our standard profile catalog or as blanks for you to profile-grind to match the parts of your choice.

Our foil wheels and rollers come in a variety of materials, densities, and sizes to meet supported applications. Contact our sales or parts department to discuss your specific needs.