CPF610 Converter Sheeter

The CPF610 Converter Sheeter is a perforating/folding machine that unwinds substrate from a finished roll, perforates, and folds the edges of the substrate along the perforation line. The CPF610 then rewinds the material back into a finished roll.

The unwind station consist of a single 3” cantilevered, air expanding, leaf shaft. Rotation speed and tension are manually controlled air regulator and pneumatic brake. The perforating station consists of a cantilevered rotary perforating module with two separate perforation assemblies capable of continuous perforation from 0- 3 inches from the outside edges of the substrate. Both perforator assemblies will be mounted on a dovetail bar to be manually adjusted for the width of the material.

The CPF610 Converter Sheeter folding stations consist of a cantilevered folding module with two separate folding assemblies capable of continuously folding the material along the perforation line. Both folding assemblies will be mounted on a dovetail bar to be manually positioned along to fold along the perforation.

The nip station substrate will be pulled through two urethane covered idler rollers positioned to compress the material after folding. One roll will be stationary, and the one roll will adjustably set the desired compression based on the material thickness. A mechanical digital readout which indicates the desired setting.

The CPF610 Converter Sheeter rewind station consists of a single 3” cantilevered, air expanding, leaf shaft. This shaft will be driven by a variable-speed AC gear motor that will pull the substrate through the entire process. A sensor will indicate the end of the roll to automatically stop the rewind when the roll is finished.

  • Accommodates a maximum material 0.020″ thick
  • Accommodates a maximum unwind roll of 24″ width
  • Accommodates a maximum unwind diameter of 24″
  • Accommodates a maximum rewind diameter of 36″
  • Air expanding 3″ unwind shaft
  • Perforating station
  • Folding station
  • Nip station
  • Air expanding 3″ rewind shaft
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