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Core Cutter

The CC4312 Core Cutter provides an efficient method for cutting of cardboard cores of various ID’s from 3” to 12”, precisely every time. This manual core cutter is ideal for low volume core consumption. The CC4312 Core Cutter is a good option for many converters because it is of simple robust design, operator-safe, low-cost and cost-effective, and easy to use with recycled cores. Designed for low maintenance, it comes with a long-lasting steel circular cutting blade and a fully adjustable 0”–36″ stop bar with scale. The core cutter comes with a 3″ mandrel or uses an adapter kit designed to accommodate a wide range of core sizes. Loading is simple with the quick locking chuck.

The CC4312 Core Cutter is an easy machine to operate. After sliding the parent core onto the mandrel, the operator sets the end-stop to the desired cut length. The operator uses a foot-operated On-Off switch, then lowers the knife using the handle. When the core is cut, the operator manually advances the parent core to the end-stop and repeats the cutting process as many times as necessary.

The manual core cutting machine allows cutting cardboard cores of various thicknesses and diameters.

  • Ball-bearing mandrel
  • ½ HP motor
  • 120 Volt
  • Fully adjustable 0”–36″ stop bar w/scale (18” standard)
  • High-speed steel cutting blade
  • Durable aluminum cutter anvil-prolongs blade life
  • Quick locking chuck-makes loading simple
  • Foot-operated on-off switch
  • Core wall thickness 0.375″–0.625″
  • Clean, square, burr-free cuts (no dust)
  • Freestanding outboard support for long cores (option)
  • Chucks and anvils from 1″–12″ (option)
  • Core cutter stand (option)
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