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6215 Slitter Rewinder

The Voorwood Model 6215 Slitter Rewinder can be installed and placed in the production-line within minutes of delivery. The unwind comes with a 1½” diameter alloy steel shaft rotates in precision roller bearings. It can be easily removed to install the master roll and is fitted with hubs for 3” and 6” cores. Film tension is provided by an air-operated disc brake mounted directly on the unwind shaft. Web position is controlled by a 4” handwheel near the brake assembly. Rotating the handwheel shifts the master roll from side to side and aligns the web edge with the slitting knives. The 6215 Slitter Rewinder performs precision slitting with an industrial razor system. The blades are rigidly held in 24 quick-adjust holders mounted on a 1½” alloy steel bar with slitting as narrow as ¾ “. A calibrated scale is provided for accurate adjustment. Slit strips are alternately rewound on the two removable rewind shafts, preventing interleaving. Certain materials may be rewound using just one shaft. The 6215 Slitter Rewinder achieves uniform winding tension on the finished rolls with a spring-loaded differential collar located on each shaft.

  • Accommodates materials 10 mils thick
  • Accommodates a maximum unwind roll width of 62”
  • Accommodates a maximum unwind diameter up to 18″
  • Unwind shaft for, 1”, 3” or 6” ID is available
  • Tension roller mounted air brake
  • Counter for lineal footage
  • Score- or razor-slitting is available
  • Accommodates a maximum rewind diameter of 15″
  • Duplex 1” and 3” differential rewind lift-out shafts
  • Speed up kit for 1” diameter shafts (option)
  • Bow roller (option)
  • Anti-static bar (option)
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