HML-8 Profile Laminator

The HML-8 Profile Laminator applies hot melt adhesives to the back of the various paper, foil, or vinyl webbings, and wraps the webbings around all types of profiled wood, extruded plastics, and metal substrates. The base hot melt wrapper is furnished complete with; two unwind spool and film tensioners, a splicer assembly, a hot melt adhesive applicator, a film tracking system, an edge guide assembly, a substrate cleaner, a top infeed press roller assembly, a touch screen control panel, and a continuously driven six-segment removable cartridge section.

In the HML-8 Profile Laminator film rolls are pneumatically locked on the unwind shafts which contain a fine adjustment to aid film tracking. As each film roll unwinds, tension to the film is provided with tension control to improve adhesive application and to prevent wrinkling of the film. The hot melt wrapper has a splicer assembly automatically joins the start of a second feed roll film to the end of the first feed roll film providing a continuous web and an uninterrupted operation of the wrapping system. The system includes an adjustable width “no-drip” slot-coater adhesive applicator.

The hot melt wrapper has a substrate cleaner to ensure that the substrate is clean before the film is applied to maximize adhesion and to ensure a fine finish in the wrapped substrate. An infrared preheating oven is positioned in the system to preheat the surface of the substrate before the laminate is applied.

The HML-8 Profile Laminator wrapping section consists of eighteen continuously driven roller sections that carry the material through the wrapping section. Each drive section is removable to facilitate the substitution of pressure rollers in their position for wrapping the laminate around the bottom surface of the substrate. There are four pressure roller assemblies, two on each side. Each assembly consists of four pressure rollers that can be independently positioned. Each assembly can be easily removed for fast change over from one profile to another on the hot melt wrapper. One-half of the drive rollers as well as half of the pressure roller assemblies can be quickly adjusted in and out using a hand crank and digital readout to quickly adjust to different widths of similar profiles. Each pressure roller can be quickly disconnected using a spring detent assembly.

  • High production speeds with 360° wrapping
  • Quick change cartridge system
  • EVA or PUR adhesive application
  • Pre-heating of both laminate and substrate
  • Dual unwind with automatic splicer
  • Adjustable slot nozzle
  • Substrate cleaner pre-cleaner
  • Spring-loaded and quick disconnect precision rollers
  • Web splicer
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