SKU: CX1500/CX1800

CX Series Slitter Rewinder

The CX Series—CX1500/CX1800 Slitter Rewinder is designed to provide optimum product quality and service. The rear-mounted hydraulic unwind assembly includes full lateral travel of headstock and tailstock to accommodate various roll widths and positions within the web area. The manually controlled, hydraulically actuated tailstock engages the 3” unwind chucks to the master roll. The CX1500/CX1800 Slitter Rewinder will be equipped with a splicing table consisting of web clamps and a table tilted to 30 for cutting and taping. An adjustable bow roll is installed before the knife section to eliminate all wrinkles in the substrate before slitting. The CX Series Slitter Rewinder can be equipped with rotary shear-, score-, razor-slitting stations, or their combinations. The web is rewound on fiber cores using two 3” differential shafts with core locking segments. The rewind is equipped with a variable-speed rewind drive programmed to run 20-50 rpm faster than the web speed allowing slipping of the core to maintain equal tension across all rewind rolls. The CX1500/CX1800 Slitter Rewinder unloading arms can be positioned concentric with the rewind shafts for unloading of the finished rewound rolls.

  • Accommodates materials of 0.001-0.030 mils thick
  • Accommodates a maximum unwind roll diameter of 60″
  • 3″ diameter differential rewind shafts w/core locking segments
  • Accommodates a maximum rewind diameter of 30″
  • Hydraulic lift loader unwind
  • Shaftless rear unwind
  • Electronic edge guide w/servo unwind positioning
  • Splicing table with web clamps at catwalk 0° to 30°
  • Digital readout for anvil positioning
  • Automatic web tension
  • Rotary shear-, score-, razor-slitting or their combinations
  • Servo knife positioning
  • Automatic laser core positioning
  • Automatic core pusher and unload fork assembly (optional)
  • Lay-on (full or individual), cleaning, bow, and static rollers
  • Selvage educator, anti-static bar (option)
  • Oscillating trim winder (option)
  • Flange-mounted air expanding rewind shafts (option)
  • 3” and 6” diameter lift-out differential rewind shafts (option)
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    • Hydraulic lift loader unwind
    • Shaftless rear unwind
    • Digital readout for anvil positioning
    • Automatic web tension
    • Rotary shear, score, razor or combination
    • Automatic core positioning (Optional)
    • 3″ and 6″ diameter lift-out differential shafts
    • Automatic core offloading and unload fork (Optional)
    • Lay-on, cleaning, bow and static rollers