The A15 Miter Lock Machine shapes the edge of solid wood and plywood parts in one go to produce a precision lock miter joint, thus eliminating the doweling process.

The machine has two shaping stations, one in the vertical position and the other in the horizontal position, to accomplish both profiles of the miter lock joint. Both spindles are equipped with vertical, horizontal, and tilt adjustments. Each adjusting axis uses a mechanical digital readout to display its position. The shaping stations are equipped with a precision-balanced drive motor and spindle. Further, this configuration allows the operator to create lock miter joints of 87° up to 160°.

The A15 Miter Lock Machine’s transport assembly incorporates an adjustable edge guide, a feed drive motor, and a bottom feed chain. The substrate is positioned against the edge guide. The bottom feed chain transports the substrate along the shaping stations. The belt assembly holds down the substrate against the bottom pads while the work is being transported along the shaping station. The feed speeds are up to 35 FPM. The machine has the following features:

  • Accommodates a minimum face frame width of 1.50″
  • Accommodates a minimum part size of 1.50″ x 3.5″
  • Shapes precision miters at any angle between 87° to 160°
  • Changes the mating profile in five seconds
  • High production
  • Single workstation (labor-saving)
  • No doweling needed

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