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P78 Plough Foiler

The P78 Plough Foiler cuts a single plough (bluff cut) to the desired profile in an MDF drawer front or similar component and then sands and applies transfer finish to the plough, all in one pass. It does not require handwork, spraying, wiping, clean-up, or drying time. Parts exit the machine ready to be assembled or shipped. Saves time and money over needed for hand finishing methods.

The P78 Plough Foiler shaping station incorporates an electronically balanced precision spindle with a collet mounting cutter head. For surface treatment requiring score, the foiler is equipped with climb cut scoring for a clean, crisp edge. The sanding system using Turbosand inserts produces perfectly smooth surfaces that conform to intricate profiles and maintain precise shape throughout the life of the abrasive. As the part exits the sanding station, it is cleaned of sanding dust before the final finishing by the transfer process.

You can choose any of the many kinds of foils of innumerable of woodgrains, solid colors, high glosses, or patterns because P78 Plough Foiler will give you a high-quality finish with every one of them. The P78 Plough Foiler transfers the finish permanently to the profiled edge using a shaped silicone applicator to apply heat and pressure. The finish is transferred only where the applicator contacts the edge, so there is no trimming required for any profile.

  • Accommodates a part width of 4″ plus the width of edge-profile up to 48″ maximum
  • Accommodates a part thickness of.50″–1.50″
  • Accommodates a depth of cut to.375″
  • Pattern changeover accomplished in minutes
  • Equipped with climb cut scoring
  • Shape station incorporates an electronically balanced, precision spindle
  • After sanding, final finishing of the transfer process, no trimming
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