Insert Knives

Voorwood Insert Knives have precise cutter blades built on the latest CNC wire EDM machines. Available in a variety of alloys including Carbide and Tantung. There are over 4,000 stock profiles available. Our engineers can duplicate your existing profile from a DXF file, CAD drawing, or wood sample. Our service is also available to design new custom profiles to your unique cutting and shaping specifications. Voorwood can customized carbide knives that fit almost any application, shapers, CNC routers, and moulders. Voorwood offers templates and knife grinding is done in-house for maximum controlled quality. Low-cost sharpening services using a back grind process that ensures profile consistency is also available. Voorwood supplies new knives made in the USA and sharpening services in a lead time of five business days and at competitive prices.

Voorwood can design insert knives customized for your specific application. We have designed tools for cutting all types of materials for woodworking and related industries including plastics, composites, wood, and solid surface. Designs of your finished tool are provided to you with a DXF print for your approval to assure you that the shaper tooling that you will receive is the tool you specified. We can design for any of your applications and any material.

Carbide Insert Knives

  • Several grades of carbide (allows meeting most demanding requirements)
  • High-quality carbide grades
  • Optimum profile accuracy
  • Exact profile match to Turbosand
  • Knives can be sharpened several times and still preserve sufficient profile accuracy.
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