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A2515 Double-End Tenoner

The A2515 Double-End Tenoner automatically makes all necessary adjustments for each profile setup. All spindles are set up to rotate with or against the direction of feed with a jump feature on the first station. The sanding stations have reversing spindles on either side. The stations can be horizontally locked for straight shape/sand or CNC controlled to shape/sand pre-programmed contours (arches). Stock is transported through the machine by bottom-feed chains with a friction surface and selectable pop-up lugs which automatically calculate based on the length of the part to maximize throughput. The A2515 Double-End Tenoner is equipped with variable-speed transporter drive motors that are electronically synchronized. It includes an automatic CNC control for the edge guide, hold-down, and the horizontal and vertical axes for all shaping and sanding stations for the best possible repeatability. Servo positioning is accurate within.002”.

With the fixed side adjustable for width, the transporter assemblies incorporate an ever-square infeed edge guide. When parts are loaded against this precision edge guide, the width is automatically measured and the machine matches the contour to the width. The movable side’s edge guide deck allows the substrate to be easily positioned on the infeed plate against the stationary side’s edge guide.

The A2515 Double-End Tenoner is equipped with an onboard design center for the designing of contour cuts. The program is the simplest and the system is easiest to understand and control. Designs can be viewed to scale on the touchscreen. The facility for automatic downloads of contours from another CAD software can be provided at the customer’s request.

  • Accommodates up to four shaping and sanding stations
  • Configured with automatic pop-up dogs that pull parts into the machine and size and square the parts of any length
  • Automatic feeder (option)
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  • Double-End Tenoner Series: Shapes and sands/polishes two edges in one pass of hardwood, MDF, and solid resin based substrates. Capable of CNC (Arch) contouring during the pass-through process.

    A2500 SERIES

    Automatic setup • Most throughput in the industry • Processes the smallest part in the industry • Accurate/automatic sizing and squaring • Capable of CNC contouring (arching) on one or both sides

    Double-End Tenoner - A2517


    • Accommodates 5 or more shaping and sanding stations
    • Configured with automatic pop-up dogs that push parts into the machine up to 60″ long
    • Spindles can be configured with Quick Change, HSK, or stacked tooling
    • Auto-indexing ability to address sanding wear