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L85 Surface Foiler

The L85 Surface Foiler uses dry-transfer finish technology applying a transfer finish on panels up to two feet in width. You can finish doors, cabinet side panels, furniture tops, and many other products. Another exciting feature of foil finishing with the hot-stamp surface foiler is the ability to finish over routed or embossed designs. Because the transfer finish adheres only to those areas that contact the applicator rollers, the recessed areas of a design do not receive the finish. When the part exits the L85 Surface Foiler, the intricate details of the design are clean with no trimming required. This means that the appearance resembles a hand-carved part. As soon as the foil finish is applied, your products are ready for immediate processing.

The L85 Surface Foiler applies dry-transfer foil to the surfaces of substrates such as tempered pressed board, MDF, particleboard, and other smooth surface materials. With its conveyor belt feed, it is an ideal machine for processing small parts as well as large panels up to 24 inches wide by any length.

The single station is provided with a lift-out shaft for 1 inch and 3 inches ID cores. A friction brake located on the unwind shaft to provide tension control. The film rewind includes carrier film rewind with friction-clutch tension-control and stripper roller for precision foil trimming. The L85 Surface Foiler has a heated nip roll, 5-inch diameter externally heated with automatic temperature control with the opening controlled by a handwheel. Modular oven with zone heat controlled in 2 inches increments to a maximum of 24 inches. Control Panel: On-off/feed, temperature control/monitor, master stop

  • Accommodates a part width of 4″–24″
  • Accommodates a thickness of 1/8″–2 1/2″
  • Ability to finish over routed or embossed designs
  • Foil unwind accepts up to 12.750″ diameter roll
  • Carrier film rewind with friction-clutch tension-control
  • Stripper roller for precision foil trimming
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    • Single unwind station with tension control for 3″ ID rolls
    • Single torque motor controlled rewind station
    • Stripper roll for carrier film wind up
    • Powered 5′ infeed and outfeed belt conveyors
    • Endless belt feed-through
    • Substrate cleaning system